Developing the Grassy Ecosystems Management Plan

The Management Kit has been developed out of a recognised need to assist land managers work out how to undertake management to conserve biodiversity at the same time as continuing existing land uses. This workbook will help the land manager to develop and carry out a conservation management plan. It is useful to follow the series of logical steps outlined in this workbook.

The information in each step is recorded on the blank recording sheets included in the kit. These sheets become the site management plan.

Developing and undertaking a management plan is a continual process that requires constant re–evaluation and adaptation.

To assist in the development of this plan refer to the examples taken from the Case Study.

The general guidelines enclosed contain information on activities that may be appropriate according to the condition, management and land uses of  selected management units.

Little botanical or zoological knowledge is required for most of the  assessment methods described in this workbook. However, some botanical assessment is highly recommended, especially if the initial assessment identifies areas that appear to have high conservation significance. People who can help with surveys, plant and animal identification and advice on the development of management plans are listed in the reference section. Some flora and fauna field guides and other useful references are also listed.