Developing the Grassy Ecosystems Management Plan 1

Beginning the Grassy Ecosystems Management Plan Workbook 2

A    Assess conservation significance: Steps 1 to 6

Step 1 Assess and map the physical site features and identify management units
Step 2 Assess the condition and management history of the site
Step 3 Assess plant composition and identify vegetation communities
Step 4 Assess vegetation condition
Step 5 Assess habitat diversity and condition
Step 6 Assess conservation significance

B Identify management requirements and prepare a plan: Steps 7 to 9

Step 7 Develop aims and desired results
Step 8 Identify issues and the management activities that address these issues
Step 9 Develop a work program for management actions and undertake the activities

C Monitor the effects of management: Steps 10 to 15

Step 10 Record activities that have been undertaken
Step 11 Photo reference points
Step 12 Monitor vegetation composition and abundance
Step 13 Monitor vegetation condition
Step 14 Monitor fauna habitat
Step 15 Monitor single plant species distribution and abundance

D Review the plan

Step 16 Review the results and revise the management plan